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Cloak & Dagger


[redact] Cloak & Dagger program is an advanced countermeasures training system that gives our clients unique tools and the skills to use them to ensure their privacy and security anywhere in the world.

Cloak & Dagger will assist you by teaching you countermeasures in the following key areas:

  • Prevention Countermeasures

  • Detection Countermeasures

  • Response Countermeasures

Within this framework are additional subjects that will be covered:

  • Physical Countermeasures

  • Digital Countermeasures

  • Operational Countermeasures

  • Financial Countermeasures

  • Identity Countermeasures

  • Legal Countermeasures

Image by David Sinclair

Cloak & Dagger by [redact] Is a Comprehensive Countermeasures Program


While for the very serious privacy minded person, and generally suggested to be covered with our Gray Man™ Program, Cloak & Dagger™ can be a stand alone privacy and security countermeasures program.


At [redact]™, we provide a range of consultancy services to help our clients protect their privacy and security. When it comes to blackmail, our trademarked Blackout service will aid our clients in mitigating further damage to reputation, earning money, and to their families.

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